How a Military Mindset Defines Spartan Medical – Q&A with Director of National Government Accounts, Craig Schad

Sep 13, 2021

Many of Spartan Medical’s employees are veterans, how do you believe that influences the company?

Generally speaking, our armed forces’ service members learn a core set of skills and values from leadership, integrity, discipline, dedication to duty, courage to loyalty and beyond.  The immense responsibility given to our military members at a very young age carries through the rest of our lives in everything we do.  Serving teaches each member about being part of something larger than thyself, and the vision of working towards a common goal; and, the leadership training and literal trial-by-fire prepares every service member to lead, follow, or get out of the way.  The professionalism honed throughout service in the military is second to none and is paramount in how Spartan employees differentiate themselves in the industry through unparalleled service and support to overcoming challenges and adversity and finding a way in every situation.


Do you believe it’s Spartan Medical’s competitive advantage, and if so, why?

Without a doubt, Spartan Medical was developed and designed to run as efficiently as an elite military unit.  Our extreme ownership of every piece of the puzzle each of our team contributes to shows daily in everything we do.  We train each Spartan to function with a service-minded perspective and the pursuit of excellence in everything we do.  It is a key element to any organization to place people in the right positions to maximize both their potential and the company’s overall success and growth.  Through leadership learned and proven in the military, true leaders understand how to mentor and position personnel of any background, and assign them appropriately, delegating authority, but never responsibility.  Spartan Medical trains and works to the standard not a certain ‘time to go home for the day’, and embraces our culture as a lifestyle and choice to truly be the very best. 

How does Spartan Medical’s veteran-background help it to quickly deploy and suppress COVID-19 outbreaks for schools, colleges, businesses and communities across the country?

Since the onset of the pandemic, Spartan quickly adapted the leadership, experience, and infrastructure to be a continued resource to those that count on us as valuable and trusted consultants.  Spartan took that to the next level, designing a comprehensive, turn-key solution that was nationally recognized by the AASCU.  The quick thinking and implementation of plans of action, coupled with second-to-none logistical expertise, and double and triple checking each plan, with contingency courses of action in place for every step we take is part of our military DNA…Further, Spartan makes it our mission to ensure our fellow Veterans and Wounded Warriors have available to them, the most advanced medical technologies that we ourselves would want through the same treatment facilities.  Spartan also carries the torch through The Proffitt Brothers Foundation in supporting and sponsoring various entities that give back to our service members to enable the best path forward, enhancing their quality of life beyond just best-in-class medical care.

How long were you in the military and how many tours of duty did you do?

I served as an enlisted Marine for 5 years, and as an Army Officer for 4 years thereafter, with a cumulative 36 months overseas in support of OIF/OEF.  The experience throughout this service and tours of duty has been instrumental in who I am both personally and professionally, and the overall culture of Spartan Medical.


How and when did you start at Spartan Medical?

I met Vince Proffitt, President of Spartan Medical, and the late Greg Proffitt, former General Counsel of Spartan Medical, at a junior military officer hiring conference in 2010.  I immediately knew I wanted to be a part of Vince’s vision, and help build it into what Spartan is today, and will be in the future with its unlimited potential.


How do you utilize your military experience to provide value to Spartan Medical’s customers?

I use my military experience in everything that I do, especially at Spartan, where it is welcomed with open arms.  No matter the profession, but especially in a highly competitive industry like ours, the drive, initiative, work ethic, dedication to duty and excellence, integrity, etc., and an overarching loyalty to both those we serve, and Spartan has been an integral part of my personal success, and Spartan’s as a whole.  Figuring out ‘a way’, despite the potential obstacles in place, is what our military does, and it’s what we do here at Spartan Medical.


As we roll out a new name for the company newsletter, which you recommended, why do you think it better represents Spartan Medical?

The name ‘News Letter’ is too run-of-the-mill for what Spartan is and does, and as we consistently differentiate ourselves in the market, we must adhere to the same principles in all we do.  ‘Tip of the Spear’ is a name that does that, and also binds to our core values and our Spartan culture.


What has been your proudest memory at Spartan MediCal?

I am consistently proud of every evolution, new venture, and the amazing people we are so fortunate to work with every single day that are the driving force to Spartan’s mission.  There are countless memories as I sit here reflecting, but the over-arching proudest memory correlates to how far we’ve come…we are a trusted resource in the Fed Gov, with over 14 years of flawless performance, and the paradigm shift of surgeons and customers calling on Spartan to help them with whatever the issue may be, has been dramatic from inception.  I recall talking with Vince over 11 years ago, and this was a world we wanted to create, and I am very proud that it has come to fruition.