Velocity L Interbody Device

The Velocity™ L Interbody Device

The Velocity™ L Interbody Device is a composite expandable implant designed for ease of insertion, optimal implant-to-patient fit and maximum bon grafting.

Velocity L Interbody Device

Controlled Distraction

  • The log profile insertion height may reduce endplate trauma by minimizing insertion height and required impaction force.
  • The controlled incremental distraction with an integrated reversible trial feature is designed to maximize indirect decompresssion and optimize patient fit.
Velocity L Interbody Device specs graphic

Composite Structure

  • The stacked PEEK core is designed to facilitate graft loading by more closely mimicking the stiffness of bone compared to a standard solid PEEK implant.
  • Plasma spray surface coating increases surface contact area for bone-to-implant interface.
  • Titanium base provides insertion and implant strength.
Velocity L Interbody Devices

Optimized Grafting

  • Graft chamber can be packed prior to insertion.
  • Guided funnel and open implant architecture allows the delivery of additional post-expansion graft to maximize volume for fusion.
Velocity L Interbody Devices
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