Sniper Spine System

Controlled. Precise. Efficient.

Single Step Controlled Reduction

Rod Reduction is achieved simply by placing the Persuader over the top of the Screw Extension and single-handedly pressing the lever. This single step process enables 30mm of reduction in 2mm increments.

Simplified Rod Placement

The ball and socket screw technology provides maximum polyaxial angulation when fully seated in the pedicle. This allows for full mobility of the Screw Extension when placing the rod.

Accelerated Screw Insertion

The double lead thread design advances the screw two full threads for each full rotation of the T-handle, effectively reducing insertion time and effort by half.

Secure Extension Engagement

Screw Extension seats on the outside of the Sniper® screw while the inner tube is rotated 90° to engage with the inner slot of the screw. This dual connection is designed to prevent disengagement during the procedure.

Sniper Spine System

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