Capsure PS3 Spine System

Maximum Angulation, Simple Persuasion

Racheting Persuader

Easy-to-use Ratcheting Persuader allows for 30 mm of reduction in 2 mm increments. Incremental rod reduction is especially useful in gradually reducing rods in long constructs when using multiple Persuaders.

Snap-On Screwdriver

The snap-on Screwdriver is designed to maintain a secure yet simple engagement of the screw to the Screwdriver. The Screwdriver is also designed to load the screw onaxis, ensuring proper alignment as the screw is advanced, maximizing purchase in the pedicle.

Maximum Angulation

The ball and socket design enables the surgeon to insert the screw flush to the bone and maintain full angulation, eliminating the need to adjust screw height typically required to regain or preserve angulation. The screw head is also tensioned to eliminate head flop and simplify rod placement.

CapSure PS3® Screw 
Fully Seated

CapSure PS3® Screw
Fully Seated

Capsure PS3 Spine System Competitive Tulip-head Screw 
Fully Seated

Competitive Tulip-head Screw
Fully Seated

Optimal Stability

Inserting the CapSure PS3 screw flush to the bone helps to support the screw at a potential failure point on most pedicle screws (the exposed minor diameter under the screw head when threads are left proud). The profile of the screw head is designed to minimize bone removal around the screw, which may preserve facet joint function and stability at adjacent levels.

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Capsure PS3 Spine System details

Design Evolution

CapSure PS3®
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