Clinical & Scientific Data

Spartan Medical puts an absolute premium on promoting the best product based on evidence and outcomes. Below is a list of key published papers and data for review:

Spine, Orthopaedics, and Biologics:

» A New Minimally Invasive Option for Extending Posterior Fixation in Patients with Adjacent Segment Disease; Tim Adamson, M.D. (Carolina Neurosurgery and Spine Associates, Charlotte, NC) Research Sponsor: Spine Wave Inc., Shelton CT

» Proportional Osteoinduction of Demineralized Bone Matrix Graft Materials; John F. Kay, Phd, Luke M. Vaughan, Md

» Aspiration of Osteoprogenitor Cells for Augmenting Spinal Fusion: Comparison of Progenitor Cell Concentrations from the Vertebral Body and Iliac Crest; Robert F. Mclain, MD, James E. Fleming, MD, Cynthia A. Boehm, BS, and George F. Muschler, MD

» Clinical Performance of NeuGraft in the Management of Fractures and Osseous Defects in the Appendicular Skeleton; Multicenter Clinical Trials

» Macroporous Calcium Phosphate Ceramic: A Prospective Study of 106 Cases in Lumbar Spinal Fusion; Remi Cavagna, M.D., Guy Daculsi, Ph.D., and Jean-Michel Bouler, Ph.D.

» Anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction with BPTB autograft, irradiated versus non-irradiated allograft: a prospective randomized clinical study; Kang Sun, Shaoqi Tian, Jihua Zhang, Changsuo Xia, Cailong Zhang, Tengbo Yu

» Biomechanics of Gamma-Irradiated Versus Nonirradiated Human Tendon; Pei-chun P, Jim-zhao L, Kang S

» Nonirradiated Versus Irradiated Achilles Allograft: In Vivo Failure Comparison; Matthew Rappé, MaryBeth Horodyski, Keith Meister and Peter A. Indelicatoei-chun P, Jim-zhao L, Kang S

» Biomechanical Integrity of Human Allograft Bone After Sterilization; Donna M.K. Squillace, MS; Matthew C. Summitt, MS; Gina Scurti, BS; John R. Bianchi, PhD

» Comparative Analysis of Osteoinductivity Testing Methods; Rebecca Jaw, MS; Elizabeth Silveira, BS; Joan Yonchek, BS, HT; James Kirk, PhD; and Chandra Nataraj, BVSc, PhD

» Should Minimally Invasive Surgery Replace Traditional Open Lumbar Fusion; Walter W. Eckman, MD, Michelle McMillen, RN, Lynda Hester, PT

» Interbody Device Endplate Engagement Effects on Motion Segment Biomechanics; Glenn R. Buttermann, MDa, Brian P. Beaubien, MSd,*, Andrew L. Freeman, MSd, James E. Stoll, MDc, James L. Chappuis, MDb

» Minimally Invasive Transforaminal Lumbar Interbody Fusion (MITLIF) – Results of 620 Cases Discharged the Day of Surgery; Walter W. Eckman, MD; Aurora Spine Center, Tupelo, MS, USAPodium Presentation and Published in Program of the Annual Meeting of the Society for Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery, October 21-23, 2011

Advanced Surgical Hemostasis:

» The Efficacy And Safety Of Hemcon® Guardacare®XR Surgical Following Surgical Repair In Management Of Postpartum Bleeding Due To The Multiple Vaginal Lacerations; Baron J . Md1,3, Kesus R. Md1, 3, Yaniv S1, 3. Md, Regev A2, 3. Md, Dvir A2, 3. Sherf M.3 Md. Novack V2, 3. Md, Phd, Wiznitzer A1, 3. Md
(1. The Department Of Obstetrics And Gynecology, 2. And The Soroka Clinical Research Center ,3. Soroka University Medical Center, Be’er-sheba, Israel)

» Comparison of Hemostatic Efficacy of ChitoGauze® and Combat Gauze in a Lethal Femoral Arterial Injury in Swine Model; Hua Xie, M.D., Lisa Lucchesi, M.S., Jeffrey Teach, R.N., Kenton Gregory, M.D.

» Hemostasis with GuardaCare®XR Surgical in a Reduction Mammaplasty (Breast Reduction Procedure); Courtesy of Dr. Bianca Rosenberg-Hagen, Israel

» Hemostasis During Multiple Flap Face Lift Procedure with GuardaCare®XR Surgical; Hua Xie, M.D., Lisa Lucchesi, M.S., Jeffrey Teach, R.N., Kenton Gregory, M.D.

» Comparison of Novel Hemostatic Gauzes to Quikclot Combat Gauze in a Standardized Swine Model of Uncontrolled Hemorrhage; Jason M. Rall, PhD1; Jennifer M. Cox2; Adam Songer, MD3; James A. Comeaux1; J. Scot Estep, DVM4; Ramon F. Cestero, MD, FACS3; James D. Ross, PhD3
(1. General Dynamics Information Technology, San Antonio, TX, 2. Eagle Applied Sciences, L.L.C., San Antonio, TX, 3. Naval Medical Research Unit San Antonio, Fort Sam Houston, TX, 4. 711th Human Performance Wing, Fort Sam Houston, TX)

Brain Cooling:

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» Neurobiological Effect of Selective Brain Cooling After Concussive Injury; Alexa Walter, Katie Finelli, Xiaoxiao Bai, Brian Johnson, Thomas Neuberger, Peter Seidenberg, Timothy Bream, Mark Hallett, et al.

» Rapid and selective cerebral hypothermia achieved using a cooling helmet; Huan Wang, M.D., William Olivero, M.D., Guiseppe Lanzino, M.D., William Elkins, B.F.A., Jean Rose, R.N., Mary Rodde, R.N., C.C R.C., C.C.R.P., Jan Burnham, R.N., C.N.R.N., and David Wang, D.O.

» Time Is Brain−−Quantified; Jeffrey L. Saver

» Selective Brain Cooling Study with Severe TBI; WG Liu1, WS Qiu1,2, Y Zhang2, WM Wang2, F Lu2 and XF Yang1

» Differential interhemispheric cooling and ICP compartmentalization in a patient with left ICA occlusion; H. Wang 1 , D. Wang 2 , G. Lanzino 1 , W. Elkins 2 , and W. Olivero

» Therapeutic application of non-invasive while-head cooling without sedation; Anto Bagic, M.D., M.S.,; Eilis A. Bourdreau, M.D., Ph.D.; Jacquelyn Greenfield, R.EET.; William Elkins and Susumu Sato, M.D.

» Application of hypothermia in neurological disorders: Simple yet effective head and neck cooling without sedation; Anto Bagic, M.D., Eilis A. Boudreau, M.D., Ph.D., Jacquelyn Greenfield, R.EET., William
Elkins, B.F.A., & Susumu Sato, M.D1.

» Cost-Effectiveness of Therapeutic Hypothermia After Cardiac Arrest; Raina M. Merchant, MD, MS; Lance B. Becker, MD; Benjamin S. Abella, MD, MPhil; David A. Asch, MD, MBA; Peter W. Groeneveld, MD, MS

» Mild Therapeutic Hypothermia to Improve the Neurologic Outcome After Cardiac Arrest;
The New England Journal of Medicine