V-Force Flex Back Brace

Non Narcotic Low Back Pain Relief

The V-Force Flex is a truly original back brace completely designed and created with the patient in mind. No other brace has the technologies or the ability to help the patient recovery. It is L0637 certified to meet the standards of Medicare/Medicaid, and private insurers.

The V-Force Flex back brace is offered in 31 customizable sizes and can be made to order if necessary. Side, front and back panels are available in various sizes to ensure accommodation of all body types.

Physical Therapy Use of Brace For Lower Back Pain

Physical Therapy Use of Brace For Lower Back Pain

“The Best Custom, Off The Shelf Brace” Available.

Supreme fit, extreme compression and support, excellent range of sizes, great patient compliance and easy to don and doff. Because of all the overall features that have been put into the V-Force Flex brace, it enables the brace to function like no other, as far as blocking motion and pelvic control. The shearer technologies of the brace adds confidence and stability for the patient.

The V-Force Flex creates circumferential lift and the uniquely designed back panel pushes the lordic curve into the proper position, which relieves pressure in the low back and creates space between the vertebrae, allowing the disc a chance to recede. All panels are designed to be anatomically correct and can be installed and removed throughout the patients treatment program all making for better patient comfort and compliance.

V-Force Flex before and after photo of spine V-Force Flex graph and details

Benefits Include:

V-foam tech fabric and padding
Breathable foam design
Comfortable wear for more consistent use
No other back brace offers our patented technology
Custom design, unique for each patient
Our back braces support almost all back problems
Braces are covered by Medicare/Medicaid
Back braces are made in the USA

Indications for Use:

Chronic low back pain
Facet syndrome
Herniated disc
Degenerative disc syndrome
Epidural injections

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