EMT System

Ultra-Early Delivery of Therapeutic Cooling in the Field, at the Point of Injury

Time is brain. Every second counts, and that’s why our partner, WElkins, LLC designed the revolutionary EMT System—a lightweight, rugged, battery-powered unit that enables therapeutic cooling in the field, at the point of injury. Mild hypothermia is among the most potent interventions for hypoxic-ischemic brain injury, limiting tissue damage by reducing oxygen metabolism and inflammation, while maintaining cell membrane integrity. Pre-hospital induction of therapeutic cooling, i.e. immediately after return of spontaneous circulation (ROSC), can be crucial to patient survival and recovery.

The simplicity of “time is brain” belies its significance: in a UCLA Stroke Center study aimed at quantifying this phrase, researchers calculated that patients experiencing a typical large vessel acute ischemic stroke lost 120 million neurons, 830 billion synapses, and 714 km (447 miles) of myelinated fibers each hour. In each minute, 1.9 million neurons, 14 billion synapses, and 12 km (7.5 miles) of myelinated fibers are destroyed. Put another way, compared with the normal rate of neuron loss in brain aging, the ischemic brain ages 3.6 years each hour without treatment.

The WElkins EMT Temperature Management System is a portable thermoregulatory device that reduces and/or maintains patient body temperature within a range of 86°F (30°C) to 98.6°F (37°C). The system delivers temperature-controlled coolant to the patient-contacting Cooling Pad, resulting in heat exchange between the coolant and the patient. The System’s non-invasive, surface cooling technology is easy to use, deploys in less than one minute, and delivers highly efficient cooling in both pre-hospital and in-hospital settings. Intuitive controls and audio-visual alerts simplify operation, while rugged design and internal power enhance reliability and portability.


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FDA Cleared Indications for Use

The WElkins EMT/U Temperature Management System is a thermal regulating system, indicated for temperature reduction in patients where clinically indicated.

Key Features


Lightweight, rugged, battery-powered

Internal power (6 “D” cell batteries) and cooling (≈4 hrs per refreezable, drop-in ice cartridge) enable self-contained operation from point of injury through emergency transport to ICU. Impact- and heat-rated construction, EMI/RFI-protected electronics, and rugged mechanics ensure continuous cooling in harsh conditions.


Ultra-early cooling, in the pre-hospital setting

Cooling Headliner with integrated cervical collar deploys in less than sixty seconds, allowing an EMT to quickly initiate cooling in the field, during initial trauma care and transport to hospital. Ultra-early treatment can be crucial in patient survival—per AHA Guidelines: “Hypothermia should be initiated as soon as possible after return of spontaneous circulation with a target temperature of 32°C-34°C.”


Control treatment with a single knob

Designed from the ground up for ease of use in the often hectic and harsh pre-hospital environment: one button starts or stops cooling, and a single knob controls coolant temperature. Clear visual and audio indicators on the top-front panel provide instant system status and alerts to keep the system and operators running smoothly.


Thin, durable pad deploys in seconds

IPatented Cooling Pad provides safe, non-invasive temperature management without limiting patient access or mobility during transport and treatment. Pneumatic counter-pressure improves thermal conductivity, and flexible design adapts to all shapes and sizes. Valved, quick-release connectors enable operators to quickly and easily transfer a patient between the EMT and ICU without removing or replacing the Pad.

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To learn more about Body and Brain Cooling products please contact us. View related published papers and data on the Clinical & Scientific Data page.

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