The No Sweat! Body Cooling System

Improves Safety & Productivity for All Heat Intensive Operations

Body cooling system in action photoExtreme environments present significant challenges to industrial, military and public safety operations, demanding strenuous activity in dangerous conditions, including high heat and exposure to harmful chemical, biological and radiological agents. Heavy protective equipment is a must—although it exacerbates already-elevated heat risk factors, degrading performance and posing significant health risks.

In mild cases, heat stress can cause dehydration, pulmonary and cardiovascular stress, and fatigue—reducing work capacity, stamina and efficiency, and increasing operator errors. In severe cases, heat stress can cause loss of consciousness, heat stroke, cardiovascular collapse and death.

The Problem

Hot Environments Threaten Safety & Productivity

Heat Stress graphic

Productivity Challenges

» Heat stress reduces work capacity, stamina and efficiency

» Short shifts often required to prevent hyperthermia

» Heavy H20 logistic burden

» Work rate and mental performance begin to degrade at dehydration levels around 2% of body weight*

Safety Challenges

» Mild heat stress causes dehydration, cardiovascular & pulmonary stress, fatigue, and increase in error rates

» Severe heat stress can cause loss of consciousness, heat stroke, cardiovascular collapse and death

» Heat stress and overexertion are leading causes of death and injury among wildland firefighters—accounting for a quarter of fatalities on the ground at wildfires*

The Solution


Body Cooling System photo

The patented Cap-Vest cools the head and body simultaneously, and integrates easily with standard clothing and protective gear.

NO SWEAT! Work Enhancement System

Decades of NASA research have concluded that the best method for maintaining core temperatures (originally, for astronauts in non-permeable space suits) at safe levels over long periods of time is through active, constant cooling. Designed by Bill Elkins, an inductee of the U.S. Space Foundation’s Technology Hall of Fame for his landmark work on astronaut cooling, WElkins’ NO SWEAT! Work Enhancement System features industry-leading active cooling technology.

The NO SWEAT! Work Enhancement System consists of a portable, pack-based chiller (the Conditioning Unit) and a lightweight microclimate cooling garment (the Cap-Vest). Packaged in a rugged, high-performance thermoplastic pack, the Conditioning Unit pumps liquid coolant to the Cap-Vest via an insulated umbilical.

The combination Cap-Vest cools the torso and head simultaneously, increasing total surface area for cooling and providing enhanced intervention against neurocognitive degradation compared to conventional, torso-only cooling garments. A drop-in one gallon phase change cartridge serves as the heat sink, providing up to 4 hours of cooling; if conditions or duration demand, the cartridge can be replaced in under 30 seconds for continuous cooling.

Key Features


Patented, nickel-thin microdot heat exchanger

Larger, more efficient contact area than the competition provides 3X heat transfer vs. conventional “tube suits”



Integrated cap-vest cools head & body simultaneously

40% of cooling via the head, eliminating 90% of facial sweat and reducing water consumption 16X



170-450+ BTU per hour variable cooling

Intuitive variable control allows operator to comfortably maintain normal body temperature in environments exceeding 120°F



Lightweight, rugged construction

Drop-in, refreezable phase change cartridge lasts up to 4 hours (swaps in seconds for continuous cooling) and optional hydration system provides ice water, where allowed




Enhance worker safety and productivity at:
» Power Plants
» Smelters/Foundries
» Mines
» Construction

Public Safety

Improve safety and effectiveness of:
» Wildland Fire Fighting
» Hazardous Material Cleanup
» Emergency First Response


Keep soldiers safe, alert, effective for:
» Explosive Ordnance Disposal
» Logistics/Construction
» Bio-Chem Defense
» Desert Warfare


Body Cooling System performance graphs image

In a U.S. Air Force study, the Cap-Vest reduced all heat stress factors, including sweat rate (70% less body and 90% less facial), heart rate rise (8%), and core temperature rise (82%) for airmen performing strenuous activity in heavy chemical defense protective gear, as compared to peers performing the same work in standard (cloth) uniform and gas mask (30 lbs. less equipment).

In tests (for the U.S. Army) at the Kansas State University Institute of Environmental Research, WElkins cooling technology was pitted against a competing active cooling system for a 180-minute performance test in high heat (110 degrees Fahrenheit) and humidity (45 percent). Despite the high work rate (1400 BTU/hr, which is naturally associated with a benchmark mandatory core temperature rise of 0.6°C), the subject wearing WElkins’ gear maintained a safe body temperature for the duration of the test; the control (no cooling) and competitor’s system subjects reached unsafe core temperatures in 80 and 140 minutes, respectively, and neither finished the test. In other words, WElkins’ technology improved safety and dramatically increased productive time on the job site.


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