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Guarda Care XR Surgical by HemCon

  • The Guarda Care XR Surgical by HemCon is a hemostatic temporary surgical dressing for the temporary control of moderate to severe bleeding.
  • HemCon’s chitosan hemostatic technology is a combat proven, x-ray detectable, advanced hemostatic technology with an indication for temporary control of moderate to severe bleeding of surgical wounds and traumatic injuries.
  • Developed for surgical procedures to control blood loss and deliver fast hemostasis which may reduce OR time and provide significant cost savings across all surgical specialities.


  • Controls severe to minor bleeding
  • Reduces blood loss
  • May minimize lap pad and sponge needs


  • Contains radiopaque element
  • Easily retrieve all dressings placed
  • May help avoid adverse surgical incidents


  • Familiar z-folded gauze
  • Conforms to a variety of wound and anatomy types
  • Reduces visual obstruction to the surgical field


  • No prep time before use
  • Intuitive application
  • Double-pouched for aseptic surgical field transfer

About HemCon

HemCon Medical Technologies specializes in hemorrhage control products. The company’s first chitosan bandages were developed to provide control of severe arterial bleeding on the battlefield, and are now providing hemorrhage control in various hospital settings such as the cath lab, and emergency rooms. Based on the same platform chitosan technology, HemCon now offers GuardaCareXR Surgical a hemostatic surgical dressing for temporary control of moderate to severe bleeding in surgical wounds and traumatic injuries.

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Mechanism of Action

GuardaCareXR Surgical Hemostatic Temporary Surgical Dressing is a chitosan impregnated gauze with an x-ray detectable element. Chitosan is a naturally occurring, biocompatible polysaccharide and the hemostatic properties of chitosan enhance the ability of the medical gauze to control bleeding. The robust uniformly applied chitosan coating on the gauze, allows for optimal chitosan blood interaction to effectively control bleeding. The chitosan further reduces blood loss by helping the dressing conform to the wound site while providing a physical barrier to prevent bleeding. This mechanism of action supports localized clotting within and on the gauze to stop bleeding quickly. The dressing is flexible and suitable for easy application to surgical wounds and traumatic injuries. It readily conforms to wound surfaces with complex geometries to allow efficient staunching of all bleeding.

More Information

GuardaCare XR Surgical Flyer | | Clinical & Scientific Data

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