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Closer to Autograft Than Ever Before

OSTEOAMP provides essential growth factors supporting bone formation.

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Published literature supports the use of OSTEOAMP in both cervical and lumbar spine fusion procedures.

Published evidence reports that OSTEOAMP achieves solid bone fusion in less time than Infuse®.

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OSTEOAMP provides essential elements supporting bone formation.

OSTEOAMP is backed by science to meet the surgeon's need for a proven allograft that can achieve solid fusion outcomes.

The OSTEOAMP Difference

OSTEOAMP does more than just provide the structural scaffold for bone growth. It is a uniquely processed allograft that maintains and preserves a wide array of naturally occurring growth factors found in bone and bone marrow to deliver an allograft with the clinical benefit of growth factors.


OSTEOAMP has been shown to be 73.7% less expensive per level than Infuse in one published study where 321 patients were evaluated in a TLIF/LLIF approach.

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  • Donor bone is sourced from AATB-certified tissue banks in the United States.
  • All tissues are screened for the standard panel of infectious viruses.
  • Manufacturing and sterilization processes have been validated to inactivate the HIV-1, Bovine Hepatitis Virus (BHV), Bovine Viral Diarrhea Virus (BVDV), Hepatitus A Virus (HAV) and Porcine Parvovirus (PPV).
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