Our Team

Spartan Medical Core Principles

Many of our people are Veterans and we do everything possible to provide better products, better service, at a better price for our Military and VA Hospital partners.  In addition, we proudly donate to and support the Fisher House Foundation with a portion of profits from our Government business.  Please contact us at anytime to learn more.

Our Mission

To provide advanced medical technologies to our medical center surgeons and clinician partners with world-class support. To put the health care provider and patients before all else and do everything within our power to ensure all possible treatment pathways are available for every individual patient. To be faster, more responsive, and smarter than our competition, while remaining committed to our core values of Integrity, Service, Dedication, and Excellence.

Why Partner With Spartan Medical?

  • Dedication: Comprehensive sales and support representatives across the United States - team on call 24-7 to support surgeons, clinicians, hospital staff, and medical logistics.
  • Medical Expertise: All seasoned medical sales professionals with core staff providing over 172 years of combined experience in the field.
  • Collaboration: Our sales professionals possess exceptional leadership skills developed in military and corporate settings, enabling them to work assertively and collaboratively with ALL personnel to solve ANY challenge under ANY circumstance.
  • Compliance and Ethics: Full time General Counsel ensures the highest ethical and legal standards are exceeded. Guarantees that industry and federal contracting compliance standards are satisfied.
  • Planning: We leave nothing to chance...constant communication and in-depth strategy sessions ensure priorities and goals are developed and consistently met. Contingency plans in place for every situation.
  • Redundancy: No single points of failure...always at least 2 reps accredited and trained to support operations at every medical center.
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